Network RTK - Is it worth it?

Using a SmartNet Network instead of single reference station allow to save time and money.

Firstly, the surveyor saves time by not needing to do the following:

  • Researching a known point to setup the base station over.
  • Arranging a power-supply (e.g. batteries) for the base station.
  • Travelling to the base station location (which may not always be conveniently located next to the site where he is working).
  • Setting up the base-station.
  • Securing the base station (i.e. do not need to worry about it being stolen or knocked over).
  • Packing up the base station at the end of the job.

Secondly, the surveyor saves money by not needing to purchase:

  • A base station.
  • Base station accessories (radios, batteries, tripod, etc.).
  • Labour for the time spent doing the tasks listed earlier (which may also include to pay someone to simply sit by the base station to ensure it is not stolen).
  • Maintenance for the base station and accessories.

In the next section lets look, other advantages include:

  • The removal of some potential error sources (e.g. not needing to plumb a base station and measure its height).
  • Less equipment to move/transport. The list probably goes on. So lets look at an example of how using an RTK Network might benefit a surveyor.