Zeno GIS by Leica Geosystems: BeiDou & Galileo enable more satellite tracking for enhanced asset collection

16 March 2015

(Heerbrugg/Switzerland, 17 March 2015) – Leica Geosystems released the upgrade option to track BeiDou and Galileo signals on its GG03 SmartAntenna and CS25 GNSS (plus) devices. With the support of the Galileo and BeiDou satellite systems, additional satellites are now available to track. The increased signal tracking enhances and stabilises positioning for GIS asset collection, especially in difficult areas such as tree canopies or urban canyons. In addition, Leica Geosystems has released the CS25 LRBT plus, the next generation of its popular and durable 7” tablet computer, to speed up GIS asset collection and management. 

Both BeiDou and Galileo are satellite systems still being developed, with more satellites being added on a continuous basis, further increasing the amount of satellites that can be tracked. With this additional upgrade option, Zeno GIS devices are future-ready for upcoming satellite developments. 

Galileo/BeiDou can be added as additional update option to the already purchased GNSS options, such as the L1/L2, Glonass and/or 5 Hz. 

CS25 LRBT plus by Leica Geosystems speeds up GIS asset collection and management
The CS25 LRBT plus is equipped with long range Bluetooth, allowing wireless communication with remotely connected instruments such as a Total Station by Leica Geosystems. Recently updated features make the handheld CS25 LRBT plus tablet ideal for field workers demanding robust and powerful equipment yet requiring portable and professional performance. The CS25 LRBT plus weighs only 1.3 kilograms and has a 7” inch widescreen touch display with excellent visibility in outdoor conditions – even in direct sunlight. 

A significantly improved overall performance has been achieved by integrating a processor with higher speed and doubling the size of both RAM and on-board storage. A new display improves visibility and an upgraded 5 megapixel camera offers better image resolution for added asset images. The new Zeno CS25 LRBT plus now also meets the stringent MIL-STD 810G military standards to withstand humidity, vibrations, drops and extreme temperatures, and with an IP65 rating, keeps dust and water out as well. 

"We've made significant enhancements to the new CS25 LRBT plus," said Johannes Hotz, Senior Product Manager at Leica Geosystems "the more important being more storage capacity, a much faster processor, an improved camera and better communications.  The CS25 LRBT plus will certainly remain the tablet of choice for professions looking for superior field performance." 

The Galileo and BeiDou option for Zeno GNSS as well as the Zeno CS25 LRBT plus tablet are available as of today. Ordering information and details are available from all authorised Leica Geosystems representatives.

Further information on the Galileo and BeiDou option and the  Zeno CS25 LRBT by Leica Geosystems:

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Zeno GIS: BeiDou & Galileo enable more satellite tracking for enhanced asset collection.