SmartNet Update relating to the Ordnance Survey coordinate system

8 September 2016

Further to the recent announcements relating to the Ordnance Survey coordinate system update, all Leica owned stations which have been offline for recalculation on the new OS system will be added back in to the network with their updated coordinates on the evening of 8th September 2016. This change affects only the default SmartNet corrections on the standard SmartNet 7801 port. These Leica owned stations were never removed from the alternative SmartNet corrections on port 7802.

At the same time, the following SmartNet reference stations will have their coordinates updated on the alternative SmartNet corrections (port 7802) to be in line with the latest calculations from the Ordnance Survey: ATTL, CAML, LICF, LINO, SHAP and WARR. RINEX and SmartRINEX data downloaded from the SmartNet website will also have reference station coordinates updated correspondingly.

Normal use of SmartNet real-time services will not be affected and users can continue to work uninterrupted.