• MAX is the only internationally standardized Network RTK method.
  • MAX is the only method that gives the rover the control to calculate distance dependent error corrections itself, meaning the rover can adapt its calculations as it determines necessary (local environmental changes).
  • MAX is the most advanced method using the whole network information.
  • MAX uses only observations from real reference stations (traceability and repeatability).
  • MAX provides consistent results.
  • i-MAX is the best individualized Network RTK method.
  • i-MAX was developed for older receivers that cannot support MAX.
  • The i-MAX and Virtual Reference Station methods do not conform to the philosophy of RTCM’s industry standard formats because the messages contain modelled data and not raw data as specified by RTCM.
  • Your Leica system will always provide the best performance possible within the fundamental limitations of Virtual Reference Station and i-MAX corrections. However, you will get even more performance with MAX.